Location: Paris, France
Program: Installation
Category: Competition 
Collaboration: Camille Lasselin
Client: Maison d’Architecture d’Ile-de-France
Award: Laureat 1st Prize

- “Bonjour
- Hello”

This is the conversation that we can imagine between two users whether they are from Morocco, Vietnam, Cameroon, or tourists. Facing each other and sitting on our own swing, we can learn how to say hello in multiple languages. 

Nigthview at Barbès Metro Stop

Under the aerial metro

Swinging brings us back to the poetry of childhood and saying hello to strangers breaks our prejudices about people.

This is especially important in a Parisian neighborhood where foreigners represent between 15% to 25% of the population. The installation becomes a celebration of multiculturalism and tolerance.  

Deployment of motif over five metro stations

Concept Diagram

“Hello” in the 25 most spoken languages of Paris 

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