Summer Evening Gathering, 2018

Location Map

Garden Layout Plan, 2017

Existing condition, 2015 © Google

Location: Montréal, Canada Program: Community garden and event space Category: Volunteering Collaboration: Neighbours Council Year: 2017 - 

The Carré Casgrain is a vacant lot with a story in the making. Initiated by dedicated local residents in 2017, the project began as a simple vegetable garden on a privately-owned vacant lot and evolved into a popular informal event space for three years in a row. The city now placed a ‘real-estate reserve’ and wants to buy and turn the land into a public park yet maintained and programmed by the residents. Following the spectacular destruction of the garden by the owner in 2019 as a retaliation strategy, this vacant lot exemplifies a grassroots way to bring neighbors together, gaining interest by local authorities and eventually creating new public space. Currently, the city is negotiating the purchase of the land with the owner, a process that can take between 2-4 years.


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